Some ships which we have improved during the years
If we in a row should lay all of the ships which have visited us during the years, there should be an impressing armada with most of the type of vessels you can find along our coasts.

Unfortunately, we can not gather all these vessels togheter. It is just a fantasy that presumably should give you a very expressive image of our capacity and our skillness.

However this site will not permit such a presentation.
So instead we have chosen a small number of examples, with some comments in brief, representing typical customers and missions.

The Swedish Maritime Administration`s icebreakers / working ship M / S Scandica is a typical representative of all the special vessels that operate our waters and we often get the pleasure to rebuild, maintain and repair.

On the photo below we paint the hull and classify the ship.

In 1994 we were proud to announce an order from the City of Göteborg. Our task was to restore hull, deck and rig of the almost 110 m long barque Viking. She is one of the last, large sailing freighters.

In addition our job included a lot of work inside the ship, like steel/refurbishing and rust protection etc, since the ship was intended to be a floating hotel, restaurant and a conference center sleeping up to 110 persons.

Viking is one of the most interesting sights of Göteborg, moored close to the brand new Operahouse. Both are worth seeing but if you had no time you will at least see them on starboard on your way to Gotenius Shipyard.
The restored inside of the barque Viking
Ångaren Bohuslän is the Swedish West Coast last passenger steamer, and the largest steam-powered vessels in regular operation - here on the review of Gotenius yards.

She was built in 1914 at Erik's Mechanical Workshop for Marstrand's Ångfartygs AB, and for more than 40 years, served the route Gothenburg - Lysekil - Smögen - Gravarne (cur. Kungshamn) ...

Learn more at present owner
Sällskapet Ångbåten

The yellow ferries from the Swedish road administration are now and then restored at Gotenius shipyard.

Ferry traffic is the lifeblood of the island population, so there is extra high demands on service without interruption.
Ferry in the picture below is named Vivi, and get her three-year review at the inner harbor basin

Styrsöbolaget, (Passenger shipping company ) is a demanding customer since no unplanned stoppage is accepted.

Over the years we have been entrusted with the task of making rebuilding, repairing and maintenance in general.
Below, at our yard´s service quay, you can see the cruise ship
M / S Caledonian Sky operated by Salén Ship Management.
The ship was purchased in the fall 2011 and has this winter passed through a refurbishment with an upgrade including 57 cabins. In the middle of May 2012, she will be placed on expedition cruises for the British travel company Noble Caledonia.

Later, the vessel will be stationed in the Pacific.

In the other basin, perpendicular to the Caledonian Sky, you can see the cruise ship Stockholm, sister ship to MS Origo but in original condition. This ship is also in cruise traffic in Svalbard in summer.

Here, in the back of our smallest floating dock lies the combined diving and towing vessel Taurus Frog, from Frog Marine Service in Gothenburg.

On the photo below, in our small dock, the beautifull cruise ship Origo, a former service craft of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The vessel is ice strengthened and used for summer cruises in Svalbard, just like its sister ship Stockholm above.

M/T Bituma laying at our service quay.

On our yard's slipway we here installed a bow propeller on the archipelago-cruiser Svea, built in the year1904.

In september 2005 we proudly prepared The East Indiaman Götheborg before her long voyage to China.
The East Indiaman Götheborg
at our shipyard

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